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Scams and frauds are the number one crime against seniors. Education is your best protection against unscrupulous scam artists and fraudsters. These are some of the most commonly perpetrated scams and frauds against seniors. Don’t fall prey.

Door-to Door Scams: Scam artists will use high pressure tactics and try to get you to sign quickly – too quickly. Making a purchase from a door-to-door sales person is not your best option. If you ask a salesperson to leave your home and they refuse, call the police. Don’t sign anything in haste even if it is a product or service that you are interested in and seems to be a great deal.

Home Improvement Offers: A favourite ploy of fraudsters is to offer you any number of home improvements, saying that they are working in the area and have excess material so that they can offer you a great price. Never hire a contractor unless you have estimates and quotes in writing from at least three different companies. Ask for references and call them. Never buy from someone that gives you just a first name and cell phone number. Or that asks for money up front.

You Are a Winner: If you have really won a contest it will not cost you any money to retrieve your prize. NEVER send money for shipping, handling, or processing. Further it doesn’t matter how old you are, What is the family income in order to claim a prize. You never have to pick up a prize it will be sent to you.

Bank Inspector Needs Your Help: A phony bank inspector contacts you and asks for your help in catching a dishonest bank employee. These scams all involve you withdrawing money from your bank account that you will never see again.

Online Scams: Beware of emails that appear to be from your financial institution wanting to verify your account information. Financial institutions NEVER ask to verify your information via email. If you are making purchases online make sure that the websites are reputable.

How can you protect yourself?

  • FINDHELP4SENIORS has created the senior-friendly logo to protect you from unscrupulous scam artists. Look for it, if you don’t see it ask why not!

  • If you want Find Help 4 seniors to poll for consumer reviews please contact them online.

  • Never give out your credit card number, social insurance number, PIN number, or bank account numbers to anyone that you do not know.

  • When using an ABM or your debit card, protect your PIN number.

  • Never sign a contract until you and your lawyer, or other expert has thoroughly read it.

  • Never buy anything over the phone.

  • Never send cash.

  • Don’t give out personal information.

  • Don’t tell anyone that you live alone.

  • If it sounds too good to be true, it generally is.

  • Shred bank statements, credit card statements, and utility statements.

  • Report suspicious offers to the police.

  • Check the caller id and Google the number if it is a scam Google will have a record of it.

  • Register to the Do Not Call list. If they call tell them you are registered and please take you off their list. If they call again threaten legal action. The threat alone is enough of a scare tactic