About Us

You can find us at http://www.findhelp4seniors.ca

FINDHELP4SENIORS is different from other portals. All of the services, products, and businesses listed here cater to seniors, but we go one step farther. We give you the real story with great user generated content. Read what real people have to say about their experiences.

What can you do on FINDHELP4SENIORS?

  • Locate services for seniors
  • Identify businesses that cater to seniors
  • Source products that are designed for seniors
  • Download a coupon for a discount or a sample at participating merchants
  • Read comments by real users
  • Write a comment of your own
  • Avail yourself of our excellent resource material
  • Read our blog for excellent tips on issues that effect seniors

FINDHELP4SENIORS is a meeting place for seniors across Canada as well as their families and caregivers. Our goal is to ensure that Canadian seniors have access to the best senior-friendly community resources, services, agencies, and businesses, giving you and your loved ones peace of mind.  Start using FINDHELP4SENIORS today.

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  1. Ken Watson on


    I own F & K Retail, which you “LIKED” on Facebook. I have tried to “FRIEND” you, but FB will not let me. Could you please send me a friend request?


    Ken Watson

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