New years resolution – Day 5

Alright!  Stepping on the scale I am ahead of the 2 pounds that I expected to lose this week.  I am still taking my vitamin pills and exercising, I haven’t had a drink in 5 days and I am sleeping my 8 hours.   So almost 1 week down and I am still on track with my New Year’s resolution. 

The funny thing when you start a blog you think that in recording your views that you are able to see where you started from and where you end. However the side effect of blogging is that it acts as a resolution keeper.

Last year, when christmas was looming and i had already had to much egg nog and cookies I went to Dr. Bernstein.  I lost 9 pound in 9 days.  When i tried to repeat that on my own I failed. I didn’t lose and weight and was beating myself up for that. 

What I am discovering is the mere fact of blogging is like one of these pay for service type practises. I am not cheating, I am having success and maybe ….just maybe someone else might decide to share their New Years resolutions and experience the same type of success.

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  1. jeff on

    I saw a funny sign on a Irish Pub that said RESOLUTIONS ARE FOR LOSERS. Haha.

    My resolution last year was to stop dating dancers. Its the same this year.

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